Blessings, Inc. is a faith based 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to offering transformative programming to the youth of Philadelphia that is designed to encourage, enlighten and instill in them the knowledge that there are no limits to what they can achieve. The program is opened to all children ages 5 – 12 years. We are likewise committed to offering our programming at no charge to the parents in the community. We opened in September 2009 at the Ramonita Rivera Recreation Center and offered a monthly Saturday program that included Bible lessons and activities, games, arts and crafts, sports activities, drama, trips and lunch. In June 2010, the program was expanded and began operating every Saturday at the Hunting Park Recreation Center. We are currently housed at Lenfest Center located in the Hunting Park section of Philadelphia.

In August of 2014, we held our first free one-week summer camp at the Hunting Park Recreation Center. This new endeavor was a great success. We were able to provide breakfast, lunch, Vacation Bible School, arts & crafts, sports, games and movies for 29 children during this first camp. Our second camp in 2015 was even more successful and was attended by 36 children. The summer camp continues to grow each year. 

In October 2015, we sponsored our first 8-week dance and drama workshop for 35 children at The Lenfest Center. The children learned various skits, poems and dances. They put on a performance for their parents at the Hunting Park Rec Center during the final week.

Our Future

Currently we are developing a program for teens that are in the foster care system or have been identified as at-risk. The name of the program is Metamorphosis; we chose this name because when an organism goes through metamorphosis, it no longer looks like what it did in the past; it doesn’t even look like what it went through to get to the new stage in its life. Similarly, our goal is to instill in the teens that participate in our program that regardless of where they are now and regardless of what they have been through, this current stage in their lives is not the end, it does not determine their value and it most definitely does not determine their outcome in life. Anything is possible and the transformation that can take place in their lives is unlimited. There are no barriers that they cannot break through. There are no limits to what they can achieve. Their future will not look like their past. The possibilities for their future are endless and they are one step closer to stepping into the awesome future that is their destiny. 

See our Metamorphosis page for more information on this new program.