There are a number of items that will enhance our program and provide quality activities for the children. Blessings, Inc. is a 501(c)3 organization and all donations are tax deductible.




              Arts & Crafts                                                        Sports


Crayons                                   Markers                                             Basketballs                 

Colored pencils                       Water color paints                            Baseballs                     

Standard paper                       Colored paper                                   Baseball bats

Construction paper                 Composition book                             Baseball mitts

Pencils                                    Scissors                                             Soccer balls

Glue                                        Cotton balls                                      Tennis balls

String                                      Coloring books                                 Tennis rackets

Popsicle sticks                        Floor mats                                         Volley balls



  ...or gift cards so these items can be purchased (Staples, A.C. More, Michael's, Target etc.)


Reading Materials                               Snacks                                            Miscellaneous

(For children ages 5-12)                     (No nuts)


Storybooks for children                     Fruit cups                                         Computers

Poetry books                                     Pudding and/or Jello cups                Projector

Children's Bibles                               Crackers                                            Projector screen

Science and nature books                 Granola bars                                     15 Passenger van (3)

Music, art, drama books                    Water bottles (4 oz)                          Permanent building

Puzzle books